»To win you have to risk loss.«

Jean-Claude Killy


27-Jan-2013: German content added

Our web design services are now also avaiable in German.

26-Jan-2013: New web design online

Finally, after lot of hours of work, the new web design is finished. I am happy with it and i hope you like it as much as i do!

22-Jan-2013: German translation

The german version of devilopment.eu is still under progress but please feel free to send us a mail in any language anyway.

21-Jan-2013: Photoshop CS 2 for free

Maybe you already know, but if not: Photoshop CS 2 is avaiable for free since 7th January 2013, so if you want to get started with photoshop you can get legal use of it. Enjoy!

20-Jan-2013: Viewport Resizer

There is a very nice little tool for web designers called Viewport Resizer. With its help you can simulate various resolutions whats really great for a dynamic-check.

19-Jan-2013: Website check

Seitenreport.de is a great website to get your internet presence analyzed for free (one time per day). You will get a nice table including detailed information about your target. However, this tool is in german.