»What people say behind your back is your standing in the community.«

Ed Howe


With the proceed of Internet age it became more and more difficult to stay up to date. Well, here we inform about the every day struggle of a Web development business. What are our main occupations?

Graphic design

The first impression counts and that is why a sophisticated design is so important! Fine-tuning of uncountable graphics takes time and nerves. It takes time until you are satisfacted. Inconspicious but clearly visible highlights, balanced colors and a clear structure are the biggest things you have to deal with.

Clean programming

It is important to write code in a specific way. You have to straight follow a standard that itself is on a continually developing. Things change and you have to refactor stuff a lot. Why is this necessary? Well, it is because search engines like Google are working with these. A growing algorithm is responsible for the attention you receive. Critics are talking about google community by the way.

Database security

Another imporant aspect is working with databases. Its popular that companies with huge amount of data do attract the attention of hackers. There are a varity of things you have to take care of. Of course it does concern ourselves to stay up to date with this since we are working with databases.